söndag 27 december 2009

RMH / MyBestFriendIsMyGrind.com´s DAVID HUSSELHOFF hamnade i problem när han snackade skit om MEDINA på nätet !

Så här skrev han på websiten för nån vecka sedan:

"Ok … it’s time for me to send out an apology
to Sam-E and Ali-Brush of Medina.
Sam-E – I’m sorry that I talked
shit about you on the Internet.

I want to apologies for the damage I might
have caused Medina. I have learned a few
things during these two hectic weeks and
hope that I will not make
the same mistake again.
Sorry, I really regret what I’ve done
and hope that you can forgive me.

I hope that other people around in Sweden
can learn from the mistakes I’ve made.
I advise all young people out there that
would die rather than not keep things real.
It can harm both you and those around you.
In addition, I have experienced that you
should not talk shit on the Internet,
the Internet can come to a street near
you at any time.

I have now taken the first step into my new,
hater-free life and hope that more people
will follow my example.
Medina will be in the studio in January to
record their new album and I will be there
to film this exciting part of Swedish
hip-hop’s history.

Medina 4 Life. Help us to spread this film
and the message that “hatin’ on the Internet
can ruin people’s lives."

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